Site Planning for Peripheral Components

Remember to plan for any additional peripheral components, which can include a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, as well as other devices.

To install VMware ESXi, you need to connect a keyboard and monitor to compute module B, as described in Booting the System for Software Installation. After installation, you can optionally disconnect the monitor and keyboard for headless operation and manage the system remotely, as described in Configuring System Management Options.

If you need to continue managing the system from the local console on a regular basis, consider connecting the VGA and USB ports of both compute modules to a KVM switch, and, as needed, switch KVM ports to view the console of the active compute module.

For your monitor, ensure that:

  • The monitor accepts universal 100‐240 volts AC (VAC), 50/60 Hertz (Hz) power.

  • The VGA cable has a 15‐pin D‐sub connector if you are connecting it directly to a compute module.

  • The power cord for the monitor is long enough to reach the power source.

  • The plug type on the power cord is compatible with the external power source at the site.

ztC Endurance systems support the ZEN‐PERIPH‐KBMS keyboard and mouse. See System Specifications for the specifications for this keyboard and mouse.

A 6‐ft (1.83‐m) USB cable is attached to the keyboard. Another 6‐ft (1.83‐m) USB cable is attached to the mouse.