Site Planning Checklist

Referring to the information in this document, answer the following questions:

Planning for ActiveService Network Connectivity

Will the ztC Endurance system connect to the Stratus ActiveService Network (ASN), allowing the system to automatically report problems to the Stratus Customer Assistance Center (CAC) or your authorized Stratus service representative?

To allow connections to the ASN to report system health and events on your system, can you connect at least one pair of partnered Ethernet ports, one from each I/O module in the system, to a network that has Internet access?

To optionally enable the CAC or your authorized Stratus service representative to access the system to remotely diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve problems online, can you connect the Ethernet port of the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) in each module to a network that has Internet access? (The BMCs can communicate with the ASN even when the host operating system is not running or is unresponsive.)

Planning for Network Connectivity

Each ztC Endurance system contains four embedded 10‐gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports, two in each I/O module, for connection to business networks. In addition, each system contains two embedded 1GbE ports that are dedicated to the BMCs for out‐of‐band management. How many embedded Ethernet ports will you connect to a network, and how many optional, non‐embedded Ethernet PCIe adapters will you need to add to provide additional Ethernet bandwidth?

How many embedded or non‐embedded Ethernet ports in the system will require access to the Internet?

Planning AC Power

Will you provide power to both sides of the system through a pair of PDUs?

Will you protect the system power with a UPS?

What optional components will you use?

What are the AC power requirements of the system, including all optional components?

What are the lengths and types of the power cords that are provided for the PDUs or system, and optional components?

What type of AC receptacles do you need to provide?

Is the AC power service wired properly?

Planning Space for the System

If applicable, provide a table or desk for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Will the system and any external components fit where you plan to place them?

What is the height of the cabinet you will use, and what is the total height of the systems and components that will be installed in the cabinet? Will the items fit into the cabinet? What components will be located outside the cabinet?

What are the lengths and types of the interface and communications cables that will connect to the system?

Have you created a sketch of how you plan to arrange the system at the installation site? Consider the available cable lengths, the placement of external devices, and the location of network and voice communication connections.

On the sketch, show the following:
  • Location of the system and its external components

  • Power cords, and telephone and interface cables

  • Locations of AC power receptacles, Ethernet jacks, switches, and hubs

Note: Make sure that all cords and cables are long enough to reach between their respective components and connectors. Route all cables out of the way of foot traffic.

Working with Other Groups

Have you provided your facilities group and contractors with the sketch of how you plan to arrange the system and copies of the following?

Have you reviewed and discussed the requirements with the facilities personnel and contractors to ensure that all site modifications are understood and implemented?

If you have any questions about the number and types of components, contact your Stratus account representative or distributor.