Planning a Site for ztC Endurance Systems

  1. See Safety Notices for a list of important safety notices that you should review as part of your site planning.

  2. All regulatory notices are provided in Compliance Information for Stratus Products (R002G), which is available on StrataDOC at

Site planning for ztC Endurance systems includes:

  • Site Planning Checklist

    Reviewing the site-planning checklist for a summary of questions you might need to consider when planning for the installation of a ztC Endurance system.

  • Electrical Power Planning

    Providing electrical power sources that meet the requirements of the system and optional components, including the purchase of user‐supplied power‐distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes).

  • Space Planning

    Providing adequate space for the system or cabinet and for a desk or table to accommodate components outside a cabinet. Also providing enough space for servicing the systems and components.

    Providing an environment that meets the system's requirements for ambient temperature and air quality.

  • Communications Line Planning

    Providing sufficient network lines and planning the location of the system and external components to accommodate the lengths of the connecting cables.

  • Cabinet Requirements

    Providing a cabinet that meets the system's requirements and provides sufficient space for all components, including user‐supplied PDUs and UPSes.

  • Site Planning for Peripheral Components

    Providing a monitor, keyboard, and mouse (if applicable) that meet the system's requirements.

    Providing for the electrical, cooling, power, and space needs of any peripheral components.

For additional documentation related to the ztC Endurance system, see the StrataDOC (ztC Endurance Version) page at

During the site planning and preparation processes, work closely with your facilities group or contractor to determine space, power, and environmental requirements. Enlist their help to provide a suitable location with sufficient alternating current (AC) power, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) capabilities, and network and telephone connections.

If the system is covered by a service agreement and you need help with site planning, contact your authorized Stratus service representative. If you have a contract with your authorized Stratus service representative to install the system, contact them after you have prepared the installation site and moved the system to the site. For more information about your authorized Stratus service representative, see Getting Help or the Stratus Customer Service page at

See System Specifications for the specifications of the ztC Endurance systems.